Tuesday, May 30


Cerro Blanco Protected Forest was one of the most important areas in the city of Guayaquil to realize the Global Bird Big Day, which was held on May 13, 2017 worldwide. In Cerro Blanco, three strategic areas were chosen for the count at the Jaguar Guard Station adjacent to a restored dry forest with many bird species as well as the trails the lower part of the Cerro Blanco.

A small team made up of 6 people participated in this event in Cerro Blanco Forest, which made the following records:

111 species
1172 individuals.

Notable bird species included Rufous Headed Chachala Ortalis erythroptera, Guayaquil Woodpecker Campephilus gayaquilensis and Great Green Macaw Ara ambiguus.  Overall, Ecuador came in third place in the total tally of species seen with 1100 with Colombia and Peru in first and second place with the total tally of species seen.


With the objective of strengthening and incorporating new members to the Cerro Blanco Protective Forest Environmental Interpreters team (Guides), the Pro Forest Foundation organized the XVII Training Environmental Interpreters Course, which was held from March 27 to April 8 2017 Monday through Saturday from 8am to 2pm.

The promotion of the training course was carried out by social networks. A total of 27 participants enrolled in the program, including university students of Biology, tourism, environmental engineering, veterinary sciences, etc.

A total 28 instructors for 32 subjects shared their knowledge and expertise with the course participants.  Everything was carried out as planned in the program.

Interinstitutional support
As in previous years’ courses, we had the support of some organizations whose support was critical for the success of the course including:

Ministry of Tourism-  provided their official endorsement of the course and also a representative, Lic. Fanny Condo socialized the new tourism guide regulations.

Ministry of the Environment-  facilitated several professionals as instructors.

The Guayaquil Fire Department. - provided an instructor in first aid.

University of Guayaquil. - provided student interns for logistical support.

Of a total of 27 participants who completed the full training program, 26 participants APPROVED the XVII Course on Environmental Interpreters of Cerro Blanco Protected Forest and received their certification that enables them to participate as Cerro Blanco Environmental Interpreters.


The Audubon Christmas Bird Count was held on Sunday, December 18, 2016, with seven routes selected within the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest and mangroves of Puerto Hondo and the freshwater lake in Parque Lago which forms part of the count circle as well. Due to difficult access to some sites in Cerro Blanco, participants camped Saturday night which also facilitated the search for nocturnal birds such as owls, potoos and nightjars. 

An internet platform was designed so that those interested in the Christmas Count register the results of the separate counts at the seven selected sites with the following summary:

  • 50 participants
  • 7 routes
  • Total species observed: 150
  • Total of individuals observed: 1966
  • Largest registered bird:  King Vulture Sarcoramphus papa
  • Smallest registered bird: Short-tailed Woodstar Myrmia micrura

BIRD FEST Wings of the Dry Forest

The Pro-Bosque Foundation in coordination with the Guayaquil Urban Birders Collective organized the Bird Fest Wings of the Dry Forest event which took place in Cerro Blanco Protected Forest on December 17, 2016 from 9am to 3pm. This event was held within the framework of the Audubon 2016 Christmas Bird Count. As the Christmas Count was carried out with a limited number of participants, we decided to open up this event to all kinds of public interested in birds.  A total of 350 people participated in the Bird fest and enjoyed the following activities:
  • Market. - sale of organic products and handicrafts
  • Talks on topics related to birds for children and adults about birds of the dry forest.
  • Workshops for children and adults. - Drawing and crafts workshops.
  • Photographic exhibitions. - Exhibits of beautiful photographs of the birds of the Dry Forest.
  • Artistic presentations. - Singers and dancers who gave a festive touch to the event.
  • Photography Contest. - The winners of the photography competition were awarded prizes.

In the Bird fest a delegation of the Forestry Brigade of the Guayaquil Fire Department participated focusing on the grave threat forest fires pose to dry forests, which included a talk on "Impacts of the Forest Fires” as well as exercises with participants in tree climbing and handling of fire hoses, which was a delight for the children.

Monday, September 5

Fundación Pro-Bosque won the prize in the category ¨Forests and Flora¨ in the Green Latin America Prizes

Fundacion Pro Bosque with the project "Restoration of dry forest in the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest"  won the prize in the category ¨Forests and Flora¨ on August 25th in the Green Latin America Prizes held in Guayaquil.  A total of 1,407 projects were submitted from twenty five countries including Costa Rica and the USA.  Of these, 500 projects were selected to be presented at the awards which was held over three days and included conferences and other activities via posters and oral presentations.  Of the 500 projects thirty were selected as finalists, three from each category.  There were a total of 57 projects submitted in our category and the three finalists included other projects from Colombia and Peru.