Tuesday, May 30


The Audubon Christmas Bird Count was held on Sunday, December 18, 2016, with seven routes selected within the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest and mangroves of Puerto Hondo and the freshwater lake in Parque Lago which forms part of the count circle as well. Due to difficult access to some sites in Cerro Blanco, participants camped Saturday night which also facilitated the search for nocturnal birds such as owls, potoos and nightjars. 

An internet platform was designed so that those interested in the Christmas Count register the results of the separate counts at the seven selected sites with the following summary:

  • 50 participants
  • 7 routes
  • Total species observed: 150
  • Total of individuals observed: 1966
  • Largest registered bird:  King Vulture Sarcoramphus papa
  • Smallest registered bird: Short-tailed Woodstar Myrmia micrura

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