Friday, October 4

Conservando los Papagayos de Guayaquil

Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco was recently alerted to the presence of a family of Great Green Macaws (Papagayos) that had moved into the area. Such a sighting is exciting news as Papagayos are an endangered species and rarely spotted in the wild.

The team went down to investigate and is now monitoring the nest site and family closely, 24 hours a day, to watch developments and to protect the site. There are two parents and two chicks living in a tree hollow in a dead Pigio tree. They seem to be doing well, and when the parents took to the air we managed to film them flying past.

Cerro Blanco takes part in many initiatives to research and support the propagation of Papagayos, through, for example investigation of feeding patterns, programs to support the managed release of captive-bred Papagayos and projects that build and maintain links with local communities to work together to protect the birds and thier habitat.

For more general information about Papagayos click here

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