Friday, March 9

Environmental Responsibility of private businesses of Guayaquil to restore dry tropical forest

January 2012
In conjunction with the annual rains, the 1sttree-planting program of the year “Wake up with Pure Air” organized by the Ecuadorian-German Chamber of Commerce and the Pro-Forest Foundation was carried out on Saturday, January 21st in the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest.

A total of 150 people from six businesses members of the chamber of commerce participated in the planting of native dry tropical forest trees in the area known as “Tres Bocas” in a recently purchased property, the “Predio Carbo”, with the financial support of the World Land Trust and Netherlands Committee of the World Conservation Union IUCN.  The participating businesses included Pro Credit, Panaderia California, DHL, Hamburgsud, Importadora Sucre and Café de Tere.  A total of 800 trees were planted in an area of secondary scrub vegetation in Cerro Blanco. 

Our goal is to restore the original (or a close proximity) Ecuadorian Dry Tropical Forest that was cut down before the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest was created.  The tree planting forms part of a tree-planting program supported by the World Land Trust.  A planned 45,000 trees are being planted in 2012.

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