Friday, March 9

Outstanding Visit

December 2011
The Pro-Bosque Foundation received a visit from two dear friends of the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, Jane and Clifford Johnson. These citizens of the world have kindly offered their support to with environmental education have published children’s book called “Tangerine” based on their experiences with a Gray-cheeked parakeet Brotogeris Pyrropteros and mentions Cerro Blanco and the work of the Pro-Bosque Foundation (To obtain a copy, please contact the author Jane Johnson at or  The propose of Jane and Clifford visit was to research material for a new book in Spanish for use with Ecuadorian school kids with didactic information about conserving resources in dry the tropical forest, specifically the birds.  This book will include the same game and practical exercises for children to understand the best way to protect Dry tropical forest and other natural areas.  During their visit, Jane and Clifford had the opportunity of sharing their activities in the forest with the students of the Marianita Rodas School of Puerto Hondo.

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